Our Curriculum

At Little People we understand how important the first six years of a child’s life are and how children’s early experiences and relationships are vital for child development. We have high ambitions for all our children and we work closley with parents to support their childrens learning at nursery and at home so they are able to achieve the best posible outcomes.

We highly value outdoor play and understand the neccesity for a child to have long periods of un-interrupted outdoor play. Our environment reflects this as we have 1000m2 of garden space with each area carefully planned for and changed on a regular basis depending on the children’s interests/abilities.

At Little People we like to have a healthy balance of adult and child led activities daily. We want childhood to be a happy place where children can get messy, have fun and have lots of hands on experiences, but we also teach the children important academic skills such as learning to read and write.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (2021, 0-5 years) which sets the standards for learning, development and safe care for children. It ensures children have a broad range of knowledge and skills for future sucsess and promotes high quality teaching and learning. We also follow the non-statutory guidance to help us shape our curriculum, which is Birth to Five Matters (2021). Our oldest students who are year one, also follow The National Curriculum 2021, KS1.

Our curriculum and framework we follow offers a broad learning experience through many areas of learning; this includes:

Personal, social and emotional development
Understanding the world
Communication and language
Expressive arts and design

For children aged 5-6 this also includes:
Our highly skilled and experienced teaching practitioners support our children through their own individual unique learning and development journey.

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Little People Nursery School

Little People Nursery School is an private school where British native teachers implement the British curriculum, one of the most prestigious and advanced pedagogical methods in the world.

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